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Collecting and Collectibles Featured Blogger

November 7, 2011

Collecting is so fun–whether it’s vintage scarves or tin toys, mid-mod furniture or rusty old farm tools.  The thrill of the hunt, the finding, the displaying, the finding more. . .it’s a collector’s lifeblood.  I wanted to share a place where we could show off some of the things we collect, and thus the monthly Collecting and Collectibles party was born. (it’s not to late to join up!)

I was so excited when Ann from Protector of Vintage (love that name!) shared her collection of sweater clips.   Aren’t they lovely?


My favorite of them all is the third one from the bottom in the above picture. . .love the flower with the blue stone.



Thank you, Ann, for sharing your collection!  You really must check out her blog, as well. . .lots of great vintage finds.

Come back tomorrow for another featured blogger’s collection. . .who knows, it may inspire you to look for something new.  I know I am keeping my eye out for pretty sweater clips!

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