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Five Fun Fall Things on a Thursday

October 13, 2011

Five things I love about fall:

  1. The Bland County Festival of Leaves.  It’s been several years since we have been able to go, but my husband and I consider this event the reason we are together. . .we fell in love over a slice of homemade oatmeal pie and one white plastic spoon.  I really wanted to go this year, ’cause my dad and my nephew were in the county’s 150th anniversary celebration play.  We sure do miss those SWVA mountains and their people.

    Bland County Festival of Leaves

  2. Pumpkin roll.  So Southern, so delicious.  Go here for a great recipe.

    Photo courtesy of Libby's

  3. Tall boots with dresses, tights, and a denim jacket.  My go-to look in the fall.  Plus, cute and flowy dresses hide those three-boys-later pounds!

    From via pinterest

  4. Babler Memorial State Park.  We go there every fall and make huge leaf piles to jump in, play in the creeks, hike, and picnic.

    Leaf piles = big fun!

  5. Trunk or treat at our elementary school.  These guys know how to party.  Super fun!  I had a different plan for our trunk, but it didn’t work out like I wanted, so (very) last-minute I made this ghost out of a sheet.  Everyone loved it!  That’s how to be a “fly by the seat of your pants” kind of gal.

    Our trunk 2010

    There are so many wonderful things about autumn. . .college football, baking, hot cider, pumpkin patch, apple picking, Halloween, chilly nights, the glorious sunshine. . .I love fall!

    I’m linking up with Abbie over at Five Days, Five Ways for Five Things on a Thursday.  This week’s theme is Fall Fun.

    Don’t forget to blog about something you collect and come back and link it up here:  This party goes on until November 8th, and everyone who links up will be featured in a future blog post!

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  1. October 14, 2011 12:33 am

    Molly! I didn’t realize this was you last week! Thank you SO much for linking up and what a fabulous list. (I’m gonna have to give that pumpkin roll a go).

  2. October 15, 2011 9:20 pm

    Charming post!! I love pumpkins rolls, but have been too intimidated to try making one myself. I can just picture it falling apart as I roll it up.

  3. October 15, 2011 10:24 pm

    This post is fun…. I can relate to so much. For example, SWVA!!! My husband’s family is from Norton, but they’ve moved on up the state. Glad to see it in a blog. And I might use your trunk-or-treat idea,
    if I may!

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