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Five things for a Thursday

October 6, 2011

My blogger pal, Abbie (Happy Birthday!) is hosting a new link-up party called Five Things Thursday.  This week’s theme is “Keep Calm and Travel On”, so I thought I’d share 5 things I like to have handy during our 12 hour drives to Virginia.

1.  My Nook color in it’s M-edge case, full of books “e-borrowed” from the library.

Nook color

2.  Strawberry body butter from the Body Shop.  The only “smelly” lotion my husband will let me use in the close quarters of the van.

Strawberry body butter

3.  Socks.  I gotta have them for my always cold tootsies.

4.  Alladin travel mug.  Keeps my Tazo hot, baby!

Travel Mug

5.  Noolie.  Yes, my childhood stuffed friend travels with me sometimes.  Deal with it.

We also couldn’t get by without the portable DVD, room spray for smelly hotels, healthy snacks, water bottles, lots of little toys in backpacks, and quarters for the toll.  Happy travels, everybody!

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